marcela levi


Let it burn

Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo | Improvável Produções
Brazil | Argentine

The choreographers Marcela Levi (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) and Lucía Russo (Patagonia - Argentina) have been collaborating with each other since 2010, when they founded Improvável Produções (Improbable Productions), a space of training, research and creation. In 2017, Levi & Russo, allied with the dancer Tamires Costa - member of Improvável since 2015 -, launched to themselves the challenge of articulating on stage a visible body that charges and is charged by many other invisible ones. Deixa Arder" (Let it Burn) is an expression that means, at the same time, "damn it all" and "let it touch you, pierce you, blaze you". On stage, Costa radically opens herself to the moods, intensities, rhythms and forces of Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, Valeska Gert, Josephine Baker, Woody Woodpecker, Macunaíma, Grande Otelo, Jorge Ben Jor, Mc Carol. To invade, to plunder, to pile up and to disrupt are the verbs that stir up this "haunted dance solo". What begins as a mix of burlesque and stand-up is turned completely upside down in an unpredictable dance adventure.

Let it burn! Let the "I" burn!

Artistic direction: Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo
Performance: Tamires Costa
Cocreation: Tamires Costa and Ícaro dos Passos Gaya
Trainees: Taís Almeida and Anne Naukkarinen
Lights and Costume: Levi & Russo
Sound: all the team
Photography: Paula Kossatz and all the team
Video documentation: Renato Mangolin
Visual programming:: Paula Delecave

Artistic residencies: Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Consulado de Argentina in Rio de Janeiro, Espaço Cultural Sítio Canto da Sabiá and Projeto Entre.
Support: Bisturi Material Hospitalar, FoBras
Co-production: all the team
Distribution: Something Great (Berlin - DE)
Production: Improvável Produções