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Intensive workshop with Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo in Buenos Aires on December 18-20, 2019

Improvável Produções in Teresina/BR

Iron Mouth
17 November

Improvável Produções in Barcelona/Spain

19-20 October

Improvável Produções in Campinas/SP

Let it Burn
20-21 September

Improvável Produções in Amsterdam

Iron Mouth
9-10 July

Let it Burn
11-12 July

Mordedores in São Paulo
SESC Pompeia

Mordedores in Rio
Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro - Loft

Improvável Produções in São Paulo/BR
SESC Avenida Paulista

HARM-ONY artistic residence
April 30 - May 05

HARM-ONY :: Brazilian Premiere

May 9 - 12

Let it Burn in Switzerland

April 8 at 19.00

Iron Mouth in São Paulo/Brazil

March 21 & 22

Iron Mouth (Boca de Ferro)
among best 2018 dance performances
by Brazilian newspaper O GLOBO

Improvável Produções in Santiago/Chile

Let it Burn in Valparaíso/Chile

Let it Burn in Lima/Peru

Let it Burn in Portugal

Iron Mouth in Rio

Brazilian Culture Today - Dialogues

Let it burn in Paris

June 16 - 20h

Let it burn in São Paulo
SESC Pompeia
24/05 a 03/06

Boca de Ferro in Finland :: Helsinki
Side Step 2018

Sat 10.2. 20:30
Sun 11.2. 15:00

Boca de Ferro in Austria :: Vienna
Tanzquartier Wien

DEIXA ARDER (Let it burn) - the newest creation of Improvável Produções - was mentioned by O Globo newspaper's dance critic, Adriana Pavlova, as one of the dance highlights in 2017.

DEIXA ARDER (Let it burn) PREMIERE in Rio de Janeiro
Espaço Cultural Municipal Sérgio Porto

Improvável Produções at :: Campinas (SP)
20 september

29 september

Improvável Produções in Argentine :: Buenos Aires

7 september: Boca de Ferro :: Arqueologías del Futuro :: El Portón de Sánchez

11/13 september: Workshop with Levi & Russo :: Roseti

Improvável Produções in Chile :: Santiago

25-27 August: Workshop with Levi & Russo :: Museo de Artes Decorativas

Improvável Produções in Argentine :: San Juan (Nuevo Cuyo)

15/16 August: Workshop with Levi & Russo :: Centro Cultural Conte Grand

17 august: Boca de Ferro :: Teatro Sarmiento

Boca de Ferro (Iron Mouth) in Basque Country :: Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
May 12 :: Proklama 10 :: Artium :: Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo

in-organic :: reenactment :: in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
17/18 December:Teatro Victoria

in-organic :: reenactment :: in Madrid
14/15 December:Teatro La Usina

New creation in Barcelona
9/10 December :: Sâlmon Festival :: Espai Hiroshima

Mordedores in Barcelona
1/2 December :: Sâlmon Festival :: Mercat de les Flors

Mordedores :: Funarte Klauss Vianna Prize
November :: São Luís

Mordedores :: Funarte Klauss Vianna Prize
September :: Belém and Cuiabá

Mordedores :: Arenas Cariocas
April :: Rio de Janeiro

Mordedores 2015 10 best Dance Shows

Sandwalk with me at Arqueologías del Futuro II Festival :: Buenos Aires - Argentina
December 11 - Fábrica Perú

MORDEDORES at in São Paulo/Brazil
November 14/15 - Galeria Olido :: Sala Paissandu


24/25 October at Teatro Municipal de Santiago - Sala Arrau - promoted by NAVE in Santiago

28/29 October at in Valparaiso

MORDEDORES at in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
September 25-27 - Teatro Cacilda Becker

MORDEDORES at in Campinas/Brazil
September 19/20 - Armazém do Café / CIS Guanabara

Virada Cultural 2015 - São Paulo

Cine Art Palácio
June 20

Sandwalk with me
Praça Ramos
June 21

MORDEDORES at Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea in Montevideo/Uruguay
May 7/8 - Teatro Solís

MORDEDORES (portuguese word that means whoever bites or whatever is bitten) :: New Creation by Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo
Premiere :: March 14-16
Dois Pontos Festival
ECM Sergio Porto
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

"This is not a question of returning to the violence of myth, which purifies and redeems, but rather of accepting violence as something that is part of us and extirpate its creative, anti-determinist, dirty dimension; no longer to seek causes or understand, but rather to incorporate in another context - bodies in contact - the effects, gestures and rhythms undertaken by this force. What is usually feared and evaded, always presupposing violence that is exterior to the body or to life, begins to function as vital energy. Also, as a result, the violence expressed in this way perhaps conveys a shadow of eroticism, with the biting performers suggesting an erotic current running through their bodies." (Laura Erber on Mordedores)

in-organic in Manaus (Brazil) :: July 5-7
Café Teatro Les Artistes

Monstrous Nature at MAR (Museu de Arte do Rio) :: 22/05/2014 - 16h

Monstrous Nature in México :: Interview with Marcela Levi

Sandwalk with me in Mexico:

Encuentro Urbe y Cuerpo :: Mexico DF :: April 17th
Centro Cultural De España :: Mexico DF :: April 22th-23th
Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea Red Serpiente :: Morelia :: April 25th

Monstrous Nature in Mexico :: Hermosillo - Sonora :: April 11th

Monstrous Nature at SESC BOM RETIRO :: São Paulo - Brazil :: January 26th and 27th

Sandwalk with me: 2013 Dance Highlights :: O GLOBO

Conversas de Dança in Petrópolis/Brazil

sandwalk with me in Panorama Festival

in-organic in Paraíba (Brazil)

Around the hole everything is edge in Belém (Brazil)

Around the hole everything is edge in Goiânia (Brazil)

Around the hole everything is edge in Teresina (Brazil)

Monstrous Nature

5o. Circuito Estadual das Artes

Around the hole everything is edge :: Tour

December 8th :: Galpão do Núcleo do Dirceu, Teresina
December 12th :: Fuga Festival, Goiânia

September 2012

Artistic Residency :: AZALA Cultural Space (Spain)

July-August 2012


July 2012


April 6th, 7th, 8th :: Teatro Angel Vianna / Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro

MONSTROUS NATURE - 2011 Creation - PREMIERE in November - Espaço SESC - Rio de Janeiro.

August 2011

Marcela Levi and Frederico Paredes present around the hole everything is edge.

around the hole everything is edge

* March 13th :: SESC Santos, SP, Brazil
* March 18th :: SESC Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil
* March 24th :: SESC Baurú, SP, Brazil
* March 27th :: Festival Performance Arte Brasil :: MAM RJ, Brazil
* April 28th :: SESC São Carlos, SP, Brazil

V::E::R 2011 - Live Art Meeting 22 - 30/01/2011, Terra UNA, Liberdade, MG. Brazil


Casa França-Brasil :: MESA-PALCO

October 23/24: around the hole everything is edge (excerpts) with Marcela Levi and Frederico Paredes.
October 20-22: Workshop with Marcela Levi.

4th September :: Marcela Levi has been awarded today the ZKB Acknowledgement Prize 2010
31o. Zürcher Theaterspektakel Festival :: Zürich :: Switzerland
Statement of the jury::
The Acknowledgment Prize of 5000 Swiss Francs is awarded to Marcela Levi and Flavia Meireles for their performance around the hole everything is edge. With fascinating simplicity and precise choreography the two performers manage to create a space full of images on the topic of war and violence. Their fragmentary, poetic and unmoral approach is touching and at the same time thought provoking. Flavia Meireles convinces as an outstanding performer and makes a significant contribution to the success of the performance. Operating at the cutting edge of contemporary dance and visual arts, Marcela Levi and Flavia Meireles connect with the audience in an open, subtle and direct way and manage to make them laugh despite the sensitive content of their performance. With the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize 2010, the jury would like to encourage the performers to expand their artistic researches.

'Bunnies' carrot war... an exciting work.'
around the hole everything is edge review by Lilo Weber - Neue Zürcher Zeitung (in german) (translation here).

Marcela Levi at Panorama SESI de Dança 2010 (Folha de S. Paulo).

Marcela Levi's around the hole everything is edge is nominated for the ZKB Patronage Prize 2010.

August 2010 :: Marcela Levi's new creation around the hole everything is edge, in Zurique and São Paulo.

We are going to miss everything we dont need - Vera Mantero & guests

May and June 2010 :: Marcela Levi in Vera Mantero and Guests tour: Spain, Belgium and Portugal.

Around the hole everything is edge was cited as one of the 2009 highlights by the dance reviewer of the national Brazilian newspaper O Globo (12/31/2009).

Duo deals with the dialogue that is born out of emptiness
IDANÇA - by Isabella Motta

Marcela Levi, performer and choreographer from Rio de Janeiro, premieres her first duo this Thursday (19/11) in Rio de Janeiro. Those who know her work will see there are some significant changes in Around the hole everything is edge. Marcela, who has always worked with solos in continuity, now explores emptiness and non-linear narrative. "It's my first duo and I wanted to work with potent and autonomous actions, without thinking about linear narrative. My bet is that our conversation takes place in absence. We are two on stage, but we only dance together in one moment", explains the artist, who shares the stage with Flávia Meireles...

around the hole everything is edge

VII Bienal de Dança do Ceará :: Fortaleza/Sobral/CE (Brazil)
14o. Festival Internacional de Dança do Recife :: Recife/PE (Brazil)

Espaço SESC :: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

VERA MANTERO & GUESTS' creation 2009
We are going to miss everything we dont need

World PREMIÈRE :: June/09 :: Germany
montpellierdanse.09 :: July/09 :: France

Artistic direction: Vera Mantero
Performance and co-creation:
Christophe Ives, Marcela Levi, Miguel Pereira and Vera Mantero

"We must always keep in mind the essential authors of the 20th century, not because we should imitate them, which is impossible, since our situation is extremely different from theirs, but because, in a certain aspect, we continue to be alike: they also created works in a time in which it was already said that works were no longer possible."
Peter Sloterdijk, "Sun and Death".

Arena :: Jornal do Brasil - Exhibition that crosses the solos border
Roberto Pereira

[...] The second solo, Arena, was, without a doubt, the most audacious in the program. Flávia Meireles, Gustavo Ciríaco and Marcela Levi presented a mixture of video-installation and dance absolutely curious, arguing the relation between the arena space, the artist and the public. The result is new, courageous, disturbing.[...]

PREMIERE :: Arena :: Espaço SESC Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro - March 12-15

In-organic included in THE TOP 40 ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO 2008 by english organisation Artsadmin

Marcela Levi is named three times in ballettanz Yearbook
by Idança · 04/12/2008

in-organic :: Festival Particules