marcela levi


Paris art
Les Inaccoutumés

Another very good surprise of the 2008 edition, the piece by Marcela Levi [...]. More implicit, however, there is however no lack of audacity or violence in the proposal of the young Brazilian choreographer. Riding an ox's head, attached to it in a basin motion that suggests penetration, she says of woman's animality and man's desire for domination, sexism of marital and tauromachy traditions, eroticism and morbidity. The wild (and plastic) beauty of the piece colors itself with a properly dosed self-derision, which frees the presupposed speech from its weight.

The performance, full of hieraticity and dignity, takes place in a feminist denunciation that recalls the work of La Ribot.

Marcela Levi, so beautiful in her nakedness and the crudeness of her words, brings from Brazil the history of a region where cowboys lasso women in a ritual that celebrates the power and domination of men. As the only answer to this account, the dancer turns the lasso into a corset, then on a leash and gags herself. A bull's head also turns into a phallus, and we remember that in France the teenagers drink a so-called "bull juice", to be able to dance all night ...

Little seen in France, the work of Brazilian choreographer Marcela Levi juxtaposes dance and visual arts. With In-Organic - named as one of the best choreographic pieces of Jornal do Brasil in 2007 - she places at the center of her writing the essential question of desire. Enigmatic, this piece brings to each of us multiple and complex images.