marcela levi


Quim Pujol
Complicitats Festival

In-organic, Marcela Levi, La Caldera, 25/2/2008

Like everything we have seen in the Complicitats Festival, In-organic does not use the movement as a mere exhibition but tries to frame it within a speech. Although this piece has some specially slow moments that do not make it easy for the great public, it is an example of good writing.

The scenes follow one another with gentleness and the objects as the movements are used in the right measure to create an aesthetic and semantic set with plenty of coherence. That is to say, nothing lacks or exceeds, everything is related and at the end of the work a clear and forceful message emerges.

The artist uses few objects, one stuffed bull's head, a very long pearls necklace, a dress and a bicycle's light. Without any doubt, this sobriety is worthy of praise. With these few elements and a precise use of music, Marcela develops a series of movements and actions related to a minimal narrative. At Sao Paulo's country side, the cowherds choose their fiancées throwing the lasso around their neck as if they were cattle. They both like it. This story is told repeatedly and in the end a different story is narrated. At Sao Paulo's country side, there was a murder and the photographer who covered the funeral was awarded a prize. A mother had lost her son in a shooting and guarded his body. The photographer made the photo without flash in order to give the scene greater naturalness and realism. They both like it.

This parallelism at the end of the story shows the lack of sensitivity in the violent Brazilian society. Marcela Levi insisted at the debate's end that her piece doesn't turn only around a feminist speech. It is certain that it finally deals with the general situation of a society and not only of the women. Nevertheless one of the biggest culprits of this situation is perhaps a brutal mentality that is, to a great extent, related to the macho culture. So we may say yes, it is a feminist piece, in the best sense of the word, the one that concerns us all.