marcela levi


Joaquim Noguero
La Vanguardia - Dance Review

External interiorities - Massa de Sentidos

The Brazilian choreograph Marcela Levi comes to scene and aligns in the ground a set of matrioskas, the famous Russian dolls. This image and the one of the bread dough are the only objects in scene, and serve the choreograph as a precise metaphor of the work's sense. Levi will disclose her interiorities, until the smallest, the most intimate, that is neither sex nor her body offered with naturalness in the open, but that essence of infantile song that she insinuates in the final stretch. The process is calculatedly mathematical, riddled with symmetries. The piece is intellectual and is organic: extremely organized, each movement is ritualized, corporal without sensuality and expressive without any emotional capacity besides the inherent vulnerability of the nakedness. From a formal game based on the in-out, full-empty dialectics Levi constructs a speech on the speech, on the impossibility of a single point of view, of the univocal readings. Expressed with maximal sobriety.