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Marcela Levi | Improvável Produções

Imagem (image) is a choreographic project that articulates the encounter of the performer Marcela Levi with the photographer Claudia Garcia, in 2002, in Rio de Janeiro. To think of an uncapturable body, that is, one in constant re-organization, was the starting point of this approximation. The performance was thought as a game in which the action consists in coming in and out of two pieces of clothing.

Technical file

Duration: 20 minutes
Conception and direction: Marcela Levi and Claudia Garcia
Creation and performance: Marcela Levi
Photography: Claudia Garcia
Music: "Brother's gonna work it out" - The Chemical Brothers
Lighting design: José Geraldo Furtado

Support: Espaço SESC / Rio de Janeiro
Production: Improvável Produções

Thanks to: Bia Radunski, Lia Rodrigues, Joana Levi, Priscila Teixeira - TEX Studio de Dança, Frie Leysen, Anita Mathieu and Eduardo Bonito.