marcela levi


Massa de sentidos

Marcela Levi | Improvável Produções

The starting point for the performance Massa de Sentidos was the object created by Marcel Duchamp, in 1951, in which a mould is made with the paste that dentists use to make false teeth. Duchamp puts this paste inside his woman, takes a mould, which, rendered as a positive, he calls Object-Dard. With this object Duchamp puts into play, in my way of seeing it, the inside-outside and full-empty relationships, a kind or relationship I search to articulate in Massa de Sentidos.

Massa de Sentidos was included as one of the best dance works of the year listed by the Brazilian national newspaper O Globo.

Technical file

Duration: 20 minutos
Conception, Creation and Performance: Marcela Levi
Direction: Claudia Garcia and Marcela Levi
Lighting design: José Geraldo Furtado
Photography: Claudia Garcia

Support: Espaço SESC / Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural José Bonifácio, TEX studio de dança and Rumos dança/ Itaú Cultural 2003
Production: Improvável Produções

Thanks to
Bia Radunski, Sonia Sobral, Lia Rodrigues,Tunga, Cordélia, Carmem Luz, Priscilla Teixeira, Sergio Rezende, Joana Levi, Ginetta Levi Mortera, Regina Miranda, Denise Stutz, Teresa Salgado, Fabricia Martins, Gustavo Ciríaco, Dani Lima, Alexandre Bastos, Duda Maia and Eduardo Bonito.